Scavenger Race

Choose between
the strategy-based Scavenger Hunt and
the accuracy+speed-based Amazing Race!

What type of adventures are you looking for?

2-hour | Around the City | Private Event

Urban Adventures

Choose between our Amazing Race and Scavenger Hunt game formats to explore the city in style!

1-hour | Anywhere Indoor | Private Event

Indoor Games

Ranging from trivia to virtual escape room, our indoor games offer fun for all occasions.

1-3 hours | Different Games Every Month

Weekend Solo

Just want to do something fun with a few friends or the kiddos, check out our weekend games!

Our Featured Games

1-hour | Indoor Game | Anywhere

Virtual Escape Room

Find the code to escape before time runs out.  You may not be locked up physically but don't let your mind get trapped.

2-hour | Scavenger Hunt | Central

Spy Central

It's final exam time at the world famous spy school.  Do you have what it takes to graduate as Top Spies?

2-hour | Indoor Game | Anywhere

Manor House Murder

Use your detective skills to examine evidence, scrutinize witness statements and identify the killer before it's too late.

2-hour | Amazing Race | Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan Holmes

Save the city from the biggest antique heist orchestrated by Moriarty and find out who are his accomplices in your group!

1-hour | Indoor Game | Anywhere

The Ultimate Trivia

More than just a trivia, this game is an interactive challenge that test your group's knowledge,  resourcefulness and chemistry!

5-min a day | Anywhere

Fitness Challenge

Be motivated as a group to get fit together through fun challenges sent to you every day via our innovative app.

"The perfect way to celebrate or just have an afternoon of fun with friends!

It was well-organized and super creative. Everyone had a blast!!"

- A. Lui / Sheung Wan Holmes