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Level Up

Packed with questions, challenges and loads of fun, teams have 10 levels to work through, with each passing level becoming more and more complex. However – the higher the level, the higher the points!


Your team are guaranteed to have a blast whilst racing against the ticking clock but remember, strategy is key! Each level contains 5 tasks in 5 different categories; Creative, Cerebral, Observation, Physical and Pot Luck, ensuring all team members can contribute their own expertise.


This high energy challenge will help participants master delegation, time management, strategic planning and explore team working skills. Most importantly, teams will have loads of fun and feel motivated.

9 Levels of Fun

Level Up 1

Interactive Challenges

Fun Trivia

Level Up 2
Level Up 3

Tackle 9 levels of cerebral, physical and creative tasks. Each level gets more difficult and a bonus level awaits!

Get out of your seat and take on creative challenges to share some laughs while working together! 

Put your collective knowledge together, discuss and decide on an answer to earn points!

If you have specific topics, questions or tasks  you would like to incorporate into this game, contact us today to talk about customization.  

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