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Team Quiz!


This is designed to mimic the in-person social that you long to have

and all the laughter and banters that come with it.


Played at the comfort of your own home,

answer trivia questions as a team and tackle bonus group challenges

that encourage team work and communication.

Hosted via video conferencing software and one of our game masters,

you’ll be up against your colleagues or friends to see who can score the highest points. 

Interactive Gameplay


Trivia Questions

Whole Group Challenge


Teams must work together to

complete tasks using their own

devices. As teams work their way through the trivia, they’ll progress to the next square.

There’s a wide variety of trivia content to keep teams engaged. The aim of the game is simple; score the most points within the given time and be crowned the champions! 

During the game, teams will also be spontaneously invited to the main video-conferencing room for interactive challenges that require everyone to join in!

If you have specific topics, questions or tasks  you would like to incorporate into this game, contact us today to talk about customization.  

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