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Stay engaged. Stay connected.

As the world adapts to a new way of working, we are offering innovative ways to keep everyone motivated and connected.

Our indoor activities can be delivered in the following modes:

Virtual   :  Hybrid   :  In-Person

Level Up Icon.png

60-90 min

Take on 9 levels of cerebral, creative and physical challenges, with each level getting more difficult and bringing more points!


60-90 min

Channel your inner Bond, train to become a top agent and solve your 1st case in this high-energy, competitive challenge!

Art Heist

60-90 min

In this adrenaline pumping event, teams will explore the room and examine AR clues to crack the exit code before time runs out!

Murder on the Train Game Icon

90 min

Travel back to the roaring ‘20s to solve a murder on the move! Catch the killer before the train reaches its final destination!

Team Quiz Icon

60-90 min

Replacing the long overdue after-work social, this interactive trivia quiz transforms your virtual meetings into a lively social

Jungle Survival Icon.png

90 min

After a crash landing in the jungle, your team must overcome jungle perils, retrieve the artifact and most importantly, stay alive.

Arctic Survival

60-90 min

Trapped by an arctic storm, you will need to power up the radio, find the emergency channel and get rescued before it's too late! 

Untitled design-4.png

90 min

Get your thinking caps on and entrepreneurial skills ready.  Working as a team, create, market and pitch the perfect product!

Game Icons-4.png

60-90 min

Go on a virtual world tour with your team.  Earn travel credits by answering country trivia and taking on interactive challenges.

Pirate's Cove Icon.png

90 min

Move across the map by completing tasks, collect virtual items and conquer secret locations to reach the treasure!

Manor House Murder live

90 min

Use your detective skills to examine evidence, catch the lies of the suspects and identify the culprit amongst the party guests.

Daily Kickoff Icon.png

5 min/day | 5 days or 30 days

Kickstart your team's day with daily challenges that are designed to boost morale and bring the team together in spirit!

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