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Pirate's Cove Icon.png

Pirate's Cove

Working your way across an interactive treasure map, you and your team will unlock a series of challenges that will earn you points and virtual items to use on your adventure!


Each task you come across will require you to scavenge and get creative in order for the next section of your map to appear. The more points you gain, the more locations you unlock and the more virtual items you collect. Keep your virtual items safe as you never know when you might need to use (or exchange) them for a bonus task or two!

It’s all hands on deck as bonus points will be awarded to any team that reaches the riches of Pirate’s Cove! 

Solve Creative Challenges

Pirate screen 4

Collect Virtual Items

Reach the Treasure

Pirate screen 2
Pirate screen 1
Pirate screen 3

Solve problems and complete creative multimedia challenges to earn points along the way.

Collect virtual items as you complete tasks.  The items will help you conquer the secret locations on the map.

Make your way across the map to get ever closer to Pirate's Cove to score that treasure that awaits the worthy!

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