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Looking for a one-of-a-kind team-building event or occasion celebration? 

Check out our 2 signature outdoor city hunt game styles!

Our innovative GPS-activated app-based scavenger hunt unlocks new clues and challenges as teams approach each checkpoint on the map. Each team will strategize and plan their own route in order to solve as many clues as possible before time runs out!

Activity level: low-mid

Ideal party size: 4+ teams, no top limit!

Duration: 2 hours

Game host: you can choose to be your own host or hire our game master to host your game! 

Receiving the same clue at the same time, teams race each other to be the first to solve each clue on a set route!​ This adrenaline-pumping experience takes friendly competition to a whole new level as teams strive to be ahead of the others at every checkpoint.  

Activity level: mid-high

Ideal party size: 20-40 people

Duration: 2 hours

Game host:​ our experienced game master will be the dedicated host of your event!


Looking for an indoor activity or something your group can join remotely? We have plenty of options for you, ranging from a murder mystery to a virtual escape room.    

Activity level: low-high

Ideal party size: 10+ people

Duration: 1-2 hours

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