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Around the World

(Festive Edition)


Take your team on a virtual globe-trotting experience, visiting various countries and their festive traditions while putting your teamwork, collaboration and creativity to the test!


Each country you visit contains a series of tasks & challenges that can earn team the travel credits to make it to their next destination. 

There's no shortage of laughters and surprises.  Wrap up the party with a presentation of the photo and video highlights!   

Travel the World

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Fun Trivia

Multimedia Challenges

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Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 6.41.56 PM.png

Upon arrival in each country, teams will unlock 3-4 tasks specific to that country and its festive traditions! 

Put your collective knowledge about various festivities to the test and earn travel credits along the way.

Get creative with your team

by taking on our interactive photo and video challenges.  

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