What can I expect during an amazing race-style game?

Fun! At set time intervals, all teams will be sent the same clue at the same time. Your goal is to race other teams to be the first to submit the correct answer at each checkpoint. Clues include riddles, look & find tasks, photo/video challenges and more!

What can I expect during a scavenger hunt-style game?

Fun! Once you click "Start Game" on our app, you will be shown a map with various hotspots marked. Teams can choose which hotspots to tackle first. When your team approaches a hotspot, a variety of clues will be unlocked, including riddles, look & find tasks, photo/video challenges and more! You will have access to the scoreboard throughout the game to see where your team is placed amongst the teams playing that day!

What additional features do I get if I book a private game?

Instead of waiting for our next game date for the You v.s. HK Game, a private game booking entitles you to the following:

  • your choice of game date and time
  • your choice of game from both our "Amazing Race" and "Scavenger Hunt" menus
  • our professional game master to host your game
  • option for customisation
  • for Scavenger Hunt, you will get access to more features on our app, including the inter-team messaging function, ability to see other teams on the move on the map and the option to hide the scoreboard halfway through the game to keep everyone on their toes!

What do we need to bring to the game?

Just a well-charged smartphone! We suggest you to come in comfortable walking/running shoes and pack light (as you will need to carry everything with you through the game). A pre-game email will be sent to you with more details closer to the game date.

Can kids join?

Our games are designed for a wide range of ages. Kids aged 12 or above can play the games independently, whereas kids under 12 may need an adult chaperone on their team to help with navigation. Our games are great for family outings, where parents and kids go on a mission of fun while exploring the city!

What is your no-show policy?

Once you have confirmed the final headcount 2 business days before the game date, any no-show or decrease in headcount will not be refunded.

What is your late-arrival policy?

The game time will start ticking at the scheduled time. Any late arrival may result in your game being cut short. If you would like your game to run for the agreed duration despite a late start, a 10% late fee will be charged for every 30 minutes' delay.

What is your weather policy?

If the HK Observatory's weather forecast shows typhoon 8 or black rainstorm warning prior to the game, we will contact you to reschedule the game to another date within 3 months of the original date. If a typhoon 8 or black rainstorm occurs while an outdoor game is in progress, to the point that the game cannot continue for safety reasons, we may need to end the game early. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund your payment in this case, as the game has already commenced and all materials have been prepared.

What is the cancellation policy?

Once the non-refundable deposit is paid, we offer a one-time rescheduling within 3 months of your originally confirmed game date, subject to our availability.