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As featured by Sassy's City Guide,

Hall of Games delivers friendly competition at its best!  


Our signature urban scavenger races take you to hidden spots in the city while you race against other teams to be the first to solve
our cryptic clues and daring challenges!  

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It all started in 2013... the founder had an annual pass to Disneyland but no one would go with her.  "It's for kids. It's so small. Seen it and done it all!"


To entice her friends to join her (to appreciate all the Easter eggs hidden in the intricate design of Disneyland), she said, "How about I plan a game for you guys?  Expecting only a few (but the few invited a few more), 24 people joined the first ever epic amazing race and everyone had a blast seeing Disneyland with fresh eyes!  In the year that followed, everyone kept asking: "When's the next game?"

In 2014, she turned her hobby into something more with a couple friends and co-founded GameMasters, the first company in HK that provides these witty, adrenaline-pumping games!

In 2018, with 4 years of game design and event hosting under her belt, our founder takes her game concept to a whole new level by founding Hall of Games, from GPS-linked scavenger hunts to virtual team building.     

We are ready to gamify your events with our wide range of exciting games!  Are you game?  

Our Story
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