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Murder on the Train

You’ve travelled back in time to the 1920s and a long distance train journey is underway across Europe. Reports come in to say that somewhere between Budapest and Belgrade, a terrible crime has been committed in the night and the body of a wealthy property tycoon has been discovered in one of the carriages. 

Boarding the train in Belgrade, you and your team must work together with the help of the train guard to explore the carriages, examine the witness statements and search for evidence to uncover what happened that fateful night. 


This is a time-sensitive case and it's imperative that the killer is caught before the train arrives at its final stop. Will it be the end of the line for the killer or will they manage to cover their tracks and escape in Constantinople?

Murder on the Train

Interactive Crime Scene

Our Game Master will kickstart your investigation with a virtual briefing, giving you as much intel as possible about the murder. Teams will then go up against the clock to explore the train, examining witness statements and completing challenges as they go. Using their own smartphone devices, participants will work their way through the evidence by tapping on the interactive floor plan and objects in the carriages.

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Video & Augmented Reality

Players must progress through the train as quickly as they can whilst picking up clues to help with their investigation. It’s imperative they listen carefully to the witnesses and their accounts of the character and night in question. Using augmented reality, players must collect intel about the contents of each carriage and piece together who they think is the killer before the train arrives in Constantinople!

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