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Receiving the same clue at the same time,

 teams dive into our storylines and race against each other ​to be the first to solve each clue!  

This adrenaline-pumping experience keeps teams on their toes and

takes friendly competition to a whole new level!  

Standard duration: 2 hours

Activity level: mid-high

Ideal party size: 20-40 people

(our professional game master will adjust the intensity of the game
based on the pace of the whole group)

What Game Options Can You Choose From?


2 hours | Central

The Next Level

Immerse yourself in this Squid Game inspired race (minus the blood and the shooting).  Do you and your gganbu have what it takes to get to the next level? 


2 hours | LKF

What Happened in LKF

After a night of partying, you woke up today with a new tattoo and a love note. Follow clues and retrace your steps to piece together what happened last night!

Game Icons-11.png

2 hours | Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan Holmes

Moriarty strikes again and Holmes needs your help! Investigate suspicious trails and items to unearth the truth behind this mystery!

Game Icons (2).png

2 hours | TST


Coming from Planet X, you are sent to Earth to assess whether it is inhabitable for your species.  Explore TST with fresh eyes... your extraterrestrial eyes!

Repulse Bay Game Icon

2 hours | Repulse Bay

LOST - Repulse Bay

Stranded on an island with an imminent life-threatening storm heading your way, can you make it to the rescue chopper before the storm hits?


2 hours | CWB & Tai Hang

Heroes United

SHIELD needs your help!  Unite the superheroes to prevent a disaster while exploring the hidden corners of CWB and Tai Hang!

Game Icons-10.png

2-hour | Causeway Bay

The Next Banksy

An aspiring artist called Panksy would like your help to survey the hidden street arts in CWB for his next series of painting titled “Look Up from Your Phone”.

Not planning a big party and just want to play with a few friends?

Check out our Weekend Solo Games!

Don't see what you want?  No worries!

We also design custom games that suit your needs.  

Contact us for more info! 

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