Our GPS-activated app-based scavenger hunt unlocks clues and challenges

as you approach the checkpoints marked on the map.  

With more tasks than you could finish within the given time,

your team's goals is to tackle as many tasks as possible before time runs out.   

Standard duration: 2 hours

Activity level: low-mid

Ideal party size: 20+ people, no top limit!

(Be your own game host OR hire our professional game master to deliver a full-service event!)

1. Download the app and

load the game on your phone

2. Walk towards the marked hotspots on the map to unlock tasks!

3. Complete challenges

to score points!

What Activities Can You Choose From?

With a huge variety of content and app features, our in-person activities are designed to encourage you to get up and about, explore a chosen district, work together and create a memorable experience!

2 hours | Central

Spy Central

The world class spy school is setting a range of challenges to test the spies-in-training. Does your team have what it takes to graduate as "Top Spies"?

2 hours | Causeway Bay

CWB Muggle World

A mischievous house elf is wrecking havoc in CWB.  Potter has recruited you into his team of aurors to help restore order in the Muggle world before chaos reach the the point of no return. Get your wand ready!

5 hours | Around HK

HK - Mega Tour

Explore Central, Sheung Wan and TST in our 5-hour mega tour! From the money world to dried seafood streets to the Bruce Lee statue, this game is a fun way to explore Hong Kong and get a taste of its culture (literally)!

2 hours | Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan Explorer

Tackle a labyrinth of cryptic clues and challenges to bring out the best of your explorer instincts and see if you've got what it takes to be the next Indiana!

2 hours | Any District

Spy Training

As you comb the streets (undercover of course), you’ll gather key information about your suspect and earn points for great spy work! You’ll then scour the intelligence you collected and use it to pick the culprit from a lineup.

2 hours | Wanchai

Wanchai Time Traveller

You've travelled from the post-apocalyptic year 2250 to salvage pieces of lost history. Explore Wanchai's modern street arts and preserved heritage with us!

2 hours | Central-Kowloon

Jumanji: HK Edition

You dropped the dice and inadvertently began a crazy game of Jumanji!  Expect to encounter jungle-based hazards and cryptic tasks, each of which might just help you end the game before wildlife takes over HK. 

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Check out our Weekend Solo Games!

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We also design custom games that suit your needs.  

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