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Jungle Survival

You and your team of archaeologists set off on an expedition to a remote jungle island, searching for a precious artifact.  Suddenly your plane has to make an emergency landing in the jungle!  With no compass, parts of your map missing and a wreckage site in front of you, how will your team pull together to finish the expedition and survive?


Through a series of challenges over 5 stages of this activity, your team must work together to collect items from the wreckage site, overcome jungle perils and find the artifact while keeping up your life points.  The team with the highest positive life points will be crowned the winners.


Get ready for a jungle adventure! 

Collect Your Supplies!

Jungle Screen 1

Creative Photo Challenges!

Jungle Screen 2


Jungle Screen 3

Collect virtual supplies and put them to use when your team encounters situations that call for them!

Work together to complete photo and video challenges that bring out your team spirit (of survival)! 

Using your collective intellect and resourcefulness, solve clues and puzzles as a team.

If you have specific goals objectives you would like to address in a remote setting, contact us today to talk about customization. However big or small your team is, and wherever you are in the world, we can make it happen. 

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