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Virtual Escape Room 

Duration: 1 hour

Start time: anytime between 10am -9pm (game time ends at 10pm)

Ideal team size: 2-5 people per team

Venue: anywhere you want

Price/team: HK$500

Details:   This is a a highly engaging and experiential game that loads the escape room onto your phone or tablet and puts your creative problem solving, logic, teamwork and communication skills to the test.  Available at your fingertips, this is perfect for a rainy day and will surely spice up your game night.

With adults' guidance, kids as young as 12 could also meaningfully participate!  Great family bonding activity together!

**Registration ends at 10pm ONE day before the game date.

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Start Anytime!

Start anytime between 10am-9pm. The 60-min clock starts ticking when you start!

Explore the Room


Explore the suspicious items lying around in the virtual room you're locked in!  Each will bring about clues that lead you ever closer to cracking the exit code! 

Play with Friends.png

Play with Friends

Wherever they are, everyone on the team can access the escape room on their own mobile device.


Sample Question.png

From riddles in the old notebook to cryptic information found on the laptop, search for clues and score points along the way.  

AR Tech.png

AR Clues

Scan images as directed and reveal augmented reality clues for extra fun!



Crack the code to the locked drawer to find a password-protected USB. Find that password and search the USB for information that can help you escape within 60 min!