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Muggle World

Duration: around 2-3 hours, depending on your team's pace

Start time: anytime between 10am - 5pm (game time ends at 8pm)

Team size: 2-5 

District: Causeway Bay

Details: A house elf is wreaking havoc in Causeway Bay and the Auror Office has recruited you to help catch the mischievous elf before any muggle can spot him.  You will receive clues on the Auror's app and your team must work together to complete tasks assigned to you.  Bring your wand too and be ready to cast some spells!

**Registration ends at 8pm ONE day before the game date.

1. When you are ready to play,

scan the given QR code!

2. Walk towards the marked hotspots on the map to unlock tasks!

3. Complete challenges

to score points!

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