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Virtual Away Day!

Even working remotely, it's important that everyone remains happy, healthy and engaged. Our virtual away day will help to promote a sense of community and company culture, even if your team is far apart.

Working in remote teams, you will need to decide on the best answer to each question.  Players must communicate and work with the other remote players in order to progress. 

Hosted via video conferencing software and one of our game masters,

you’ll be up against your colleagues or friends to see who can score the highest points. 

Interactive Gameplay

Virtual Away Day

Team Tasks

Multimedia Challenges

Virtual Away Day Sample Question Edited
Virtual Away Day Photo Challenge.png

Teams must work together to

complete tasks using their own

devices. As teams work their way through the tasks, they’ll progress to the next square.

Questions and tasks are designed to encourage collaboration and communication. A live scoreboard helps to boost the momentum.

Teams will also work on photo and video challenges that are designed to encourage collaboration and team spirit, which also happen to be

a lot of fun.

If you have specific goals objectives you would like to address in a remote setting, contact us today to talk about customization. However big or small your team is, and wherever you are in the world, we can make it happen remotely. 

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