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Let us help you GAMIFY your next corporate event!


Tired of the cliche team building activities and want something more exciting for your team?  Look no further!  We offer adrenaline-pumping, running-man style games around the city for all fitness levels. 

Through a variety of challenges under time pressure, our games have proven to promote:

  • Communication

  • Strategic planning as a team

  • Discovering each team member's strength

  • Exploration of the city

Team Building Games

Got new employees onboard regularly and want to replace 50 training and manuals with something more interactive?  Our mobile platform can design a personalized onboarding experience for your new joiners! 

Our personalized onboarding experience can:

  • Guide your new employees to nearby restaurants, dry cleaners etc. around the office area on our GPS-linked map

  • Deliver simple trivia to check understanding

New Employees

Want to host a hassle-free trivia game during your office dinner or conference?  We can help!  With our pre-set popular trivia categories or customized content, teams will activate questions and fun challenges using an interactive game screen.

Other features that our app brings:

  • Release tasks in between courses with 1 click

  • Real-time scoreboard

A perfect icebreaker, conference breakout or over-dinner networking activity!


In this digital age, we can help you to tailor make a product/brand promotional plan to engage your customers in a fun and interactive way.  Here are some ideas we can explore together:

  • Guide your customers on a GPS-linked map to check out your different branches or products

  • Engage them in fun and interactive challenges to better understand your brand

  • Promote your business by being a title sponsor or a checkpoint of our public games!

The possibilities are endless!

Brand Promotion

Check out the companies that we have worked with before!

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