Want to spice up an indoor social or a group dinner?

Or simply want to find a way to connect with your friends

while being socially-distant from each other?

Let us gamify your next gathering / Zoom catchup! 

Check out your options below.

2-hour | Difficulty Level: High

Manor House Murder

A body, a house full of suspicious personalities and rooms full of incriminating clues. Are your detective skills sharp enough to examine evidence, catch the lies in the witness statements and catch the killer?

1-hour | Difficulty Level: Medium

Virtual Escape Room

Based on the popular Escape Room Challenges, this 60-minute virtual activity will put your wits, teamwork and problem-solving skills to the ultimate test.  Will you be able to escape before time runs out?

1-hour | Difficulty Level: Medium

Arctic Survival

Trapped by an arctic storm, you have 60 minutes to unlock the generator cupboard to power up the radio, find the Emergency Channel and tell the rescue team your exact location!  Can you escape in time?

Don't see what you want?  No worries!

We also design custom games that suit your needs.  

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